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Diqing Lou received her Ph. Her main area of x research is comparative politics, especially Chinese politics, with a focus on political participation, political representation, development of civil society, and political liberalization. Mary M.

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She received her Ph. Her current research interests include cooperation and conflict between Japan and China in the East China Sea, and the historical legacies of the Asia-Pacific War on Japan— China relations. Her research considers a range of topics in historical and cultural geography, including nationhood, memory, and symbolic landscapes. Medlicott began studying the Korean peninsula in the mids, during a year career as a national security analyst within the US intelligence community.

Her M.

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Her dissertation traced the evolution of national security discourse within the context of geographic thought, and considered the security tensions on the Korean peninsula as one case study. She holds a Ph. Obradovic has held teaching positions at St. Sato, who received her Ph. In addition to her visiting position at Hokkaido University, Dr. Sato has received several fellowship and research grants from the Global COE Centers of Excellence Project through Hokkaido University for her research on environmental governance and sustainability.

She is working on a comparative analysis of gender politics in Japan and South Korea. Matthew A. He is currently examining the micro-level effects and network structures from micro-blogging and the conveying of scientific information about climate change. Her research falls on the intersection of global communication, Chinese media studies, and cultural studies. Prior to pursuing her Ph. She is a recipient of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Scholarly Exchange Research Grant which supported her research trip to Taiwan during summer She is completing her monograph exploring cross-Taiwan Strait politics and its implications for global policymakers.

Teresa Wright received her B. She has been a professor of political science at California State University, Long Beach since , and has been chair of the political science department since the fall of In addition, she has published numerous chapters in edited volumes. Back to Search Go to Page. Go Pages Front matter unlocked item Notes on the Editor and Contributors.

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Media and Environmental Politics in East Asia. Nature and Nation in North Korea. Back matter Index. Retrieved from Bloomsbury Collections, www. Notes on the Editor and Contributors. Zhu Ed. On the one hand, Western states are asking it to help isolate the new dictatorship in Fiji. On the other, China faces the risk of losing a Fiji starved of funds to its renegade province, Taiwan.

In August , while on a visit to China, Commodore Bainimarama spoke of the "very close and cordial relations that our two countries share in our trade, cultural and sporting linkages", and added:. In February , at a time when Fiji was facing pressure from the Pacific Islands Forum over its apparent lack of progress towards a restoration of democracy, Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Fiji and met Prime Minister Bainimarama.

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Xinhua reported that, during Xi's visit, China and Fiji had "signed a number of cooperative deals" by which China would provide Fiji with "economic and technical assistance". Bainimarama, for his part, re-affirmed his country's recognition of the One China policy, and, as reported by Fiji Village , "thanked the Chinese government for fully recognizing Fiji's sovereignty and adopting a policy of non-interference in its domestic affairs".

In June , the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, an organisation founded in Australia to campaign for the restoration of democracy in Fiji, sent a petition to the Chinese embassy in Canberra , asking China to "withdraw support for the military regime". Despite close relations between Fiji and the PRC, Taiwan provides continuous free medical assistance to the country. A Taiwanese medical team visits Fiji on an annual basis to offer its services in hospitals and clinics.

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The Fiji government has expressed its gratitude for the help. The Federated States of Micronesia opened an embassy in Beijing. Diplomatic relations with New Zealand were first established in The People's Republic of China in December became the first country to establish official diplomatic relations with Niue, [] and provides economic aid to the Cook Islands. On 29 September , New Zealand's delegate in United Nations openly praised the improving relations between the two governments of Beijing and Taipei. In July , Niuean Premier Toke Talagi stated that, if development aid were not forthcoming from New Zealand, he would request aid from China instead.

Papua New Guinea is one of China's biggest trade partners in Oceania. Papua New Guinea exports far more to China than does any other Pacific Islands country, and imports three times more from China than does any other such country. Skate lost power less than a week later, and Papua New Guinea's diplomatic recognition reverted to China.

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In , Chinese embassy in Port Moresby published a statement of concern in reaction to comments in the Papua New Guinea press questioning the justification for PNG's relations with the People's Republic. The embassy statement insisted that relations between the two countries were mutually beneficial, reasserted Chinese claims to Taiwan, and concluded: "It is our sincere hope that the local [PNG] media will report on China and its relations with PNG in a just and objective way, so as to further enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of our two countries.

The diplomatic relations between China and Samoa were established in In the late s, China began sending doctors to the Samoan National Hospital, and sent over a hundred over the following two decades. In March , following unrest in Tibet , the speaker of the Samoan Fono legislative assembly , Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leiataua, stated that foreign leaders should not interfere with China as it deals with "internal affairs", and that they should not meet the Dalai Lama.

In June , Samoa announced it would be opening diplomatic missions in China and Japan - the country's first diplomatic offices in Asia. In , the Chinese government-funded China-Samoa Agricultural Demonstration Farm was established in Nu'u with an aim "to train the Samoan farmers on voluntary basis through Chinese agricultural planting techniques". About Samoan farmers received training from Chinese agricultural experts. In , 57 Samoan students were studying in China on a Chinese government sponsorship.

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Relations with Tonga were first established in This followed alleged complaints from other shopkeepers regarding competition from local Chinese. The Tongan government decided not to renew the work permits of over Chinese storekeepers, and admitted the decision was in response to "widespread anger at the growing presence of the storekeepers". That same year, however, Tonga and China decided to strengthen their "military relations". In April , Tongan King George Tupou V visited China, reaffirmed his country's adherence to the "One China" policy, and, according to the Chinese State news agency Xinhua , "supported the measures adopted to handle the incident in Lhasa ".

Xinhua stated that China and Tonga have "fruitful cooperation in politics, economy, trade, agriculture and education, and kept a sound coordination in regional and international affairs". Simultaneously, the International Monetary Fund warned Tonga was "facing debt distress", a "very high possibility that Tonga [would] be unable to service its debts in the future". In , Vanuatu signed an economic cooperation agreement with China , whereby the latter was to assist Vanuatu's economic development, and remove tariffs on imports from Vanuatu.

China also added Vanuatu to its list of approved tourism destinations for Chinese tourists. Ni-Vanuatu trade minister James Bule said his country had also requested China's assistance "in supplying machines so we can establish a plant in Vanuatu to produce bio fuel". China has 14 neighbouring nations by land, and 7 neighbours by sea. Only Russia has as many neighbouring nations 14 by land, 12 by sea.

Many disputes have arisen and resolved and many yet are undetermined. Recently these issues have been politicized by the U. However, it does not have diplomatic relations with 14 UN member states, nor with the Holy See. The following countries do not recognize the People's Republic of China. Instead, these countries recognize the Republic of China. See China-Holy See relations. Territorial disputes with other countries include: [].

Territorial disputes listed above as between the PRC and ROC "Taiwan" stems from the question of which government is the legitimate government of China. The Republic of China which views itself as the successor state of the Qing Dynasty did not renounce any territory which fell under de facto control of other states i.

Mongolia , but has largely been a non-participant in enforcing these claims.


The People's Republic of China which inherited the claims has settled a number of such disputes with Mongolia and Russia via bilateral treaties, not recognized by the Republic of China. In this respect, the territorial disputes between the PRC and neighboring countries may be considered a subset of those between the ROC and said countries.

Bloomberg News reports that these disputes are undermining China's attempts to charm its neighbors away from American influence. China has made double digit percentage increases in its military budget for many years, though as a percentage of its fast growing GDP falling from 1. In May , U. Refugees by country of origin are: , from Vietnam , estimated 30,, from North Korea. China is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking. United States Department of State Tier rating: Tier 2 Watch List - "China failed to show evidence of increasing efforts to address transnational trafficking; while the government provides reasonable protection to internal victims of trafficking, protection for Chinese and foreign victims of transnational trafficking remain inadequate.

Chinese drug laws are very harsh, and the death sentence for traffickers is not unusual. Many foreigners have been sentenced to death in China for drug trafficking. China has signed numerous international conventions and treaties. Treaties signed on behalf of China before are applicable only to the Republic of China on Taiwan.

China is a major transshipment point for heroin produced in the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia.

There is a growing domestic drug abuse problem and it is a source country for chemical precursors , despite new regulations on its large chemical industry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the foreign relations of the People's Republic of China. For the foreign relations of the Republic of China, see Foreign relations of Taiwan.