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Jun 10, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , netgalley , lol. My Walker: More Walker He's just Yeah, can he get any hotter or more perfect?! I think not. He is actually from a wealthy family, but he is the rugged man in his family and the gl 5 Walker-Is-Mine Stars I have a problem, and his name is Walker. He is actually from a wealthy family, but he is the rugged man in his family and the glue that keeps everyone together.

He is the good guy in the family. They were so much fun.

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I love books with close-knit families. It just makes the book that much more cozy. Trinity is adorable and spunky. She knows who she is, and she knows what she wants. She is a little flighty but in a charming way. She tries to warn Walker that she is a lot of work, but he is the perfect man up for the challenge of all that is Trinity, and he takes pleasure in every single moment. There is not much drama, which I love.

Her dialogue makes me smile throughout the whole book. I have read a few of her cowboy series, and enjoyed the heat in her erotic books.

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Then I pursed my lips around the straw and sucked. He leaned in, resting his forearm on the brick wall above my head. And swallow. ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review Find me on View all 5 comments. Jan 20, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-boyfriend , gr , mine , books-i-love , stars , feel-good-read. View all 7 comments. Jan 07, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: arc , review-requests , for-fresh-fiction-review , genre-contemporary-romance , read-in , ebooks , author-lorelei-james , series-need-you.

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Just What I Needed was fun, flirty and oh-so-hot! But it had a serious side to it as well. I loved that these two just clicked and got each other so well, were a listening and supportive ear through their trials. She had a zest for life and a fun sense of humor, a believable personality for an artist.

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Als Just What I Needed was fun, flirty and oh-so-hot! Also, Walker was just the right fit for her and vice versa. Trinity struggled with self-doubt, thanks to her upbringing horrid father and stepmother! Every time these two were around each other sparks flew and the temperature definitely soared! While I had some initial reservations about Trinity, Walker was an absolute dream throughout the book! He was sweet, hot, and sexy with touch of possessiveness, ready to stand up for Trinity at every turn! I was pleased that Trinity felt the same sort of protective instincts for Walker, too.

The family was just the right amount of fun craziness! Lorelei James took a straightforward romance and made it unique, and fun! A copy was kindly provided by Signet in exchange for an honest review. May 22, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , audiobook , romance , new-adult. This is second in a series and while you don't need to read the first for this one to be perfectly comprehensible, I'd recommend you do.

Okay, I admit I had to edit out the man bun and every reference to "lumbersexual" in my head. So not my thing. Other than that, Walker is one of the best leading men in romance and worth reading the book for all on his own. I love those strong, capable, caring guys who are kind without being doormats and who want nothing more than the right person to make This is second in a series and while you don't need to read the first for this one to be perfectly comprehensible, I'd recommend you do. I love those strong, capable, caring guys who are kind without being doormats and who want nothing more than the right person to make them whole.

And Trinity not only gives him the light and nurture he needs, but her need for his kind of stability and care makes them so much the perfect fit that I just couldn't put this down. I could roll with it because I can see that they'll be perfect together and that they will eventually have the kind of relationship that will make her insecurities inconsequential so the story isn't without flaws that may tank other readers.

But I find that I was just so into their story that it just worked for me. A note about Steamy : Only one explicit sex scene and not terribly long at that. So the lower end of my steam tolerance. And I really liked how long they delayed sexual gratification in order to build the emotional trust that they needed Trinity, in particular, needed to learn to trust their relationship. I really liked how well that was handled This was a fun read, playful and light. I really enjoyed it! Walker and Trinity had a cute first meeting that had me smiling. I liked the flow of their relationship, it seemed rather instant but in a way that is full of excitement when you first meet someone and want to spend all your time with them.

They were so sweet together, I liked their interactions. I loved Walker. He was so kind, caring, understanding, and patient. Trinity was a quirky chick and had some issues with self doubt but I love This was a fun read, playful and light.

Trinity was a quirky chick and had some issues with self doubt but I loved how positive Walker was with her, really grounding her. I liked watching Trinity deal with her issues and really grow. I loved that this story was told from dual POV's so you could really see where Walker and Trinity's heads were at and what they were struggling with. Definitely a fast paced relationship but not overly done. I loved Walkers family and how a side story played out even though I wanted to smack a his brothers and cousins upside the head a few times.

I'm a sucker for any type of male bonding moments so I loved when that happened. I loved her in the first book as well.

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I liked Walker and Trinity from the beginning but they really grew on me making me like them more and more. There are some ups and downs throughout, solid middle with a good build and a great end. I thought the writing was really good. Enough character development that you know them but not super in depth. It was a really great story, I really enjoyed the plot.

Interesting characters, so likable and sweet! It was light and entertaining.

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Complimentary copy received for honest review. Jun 28, Jeanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: jeep-diva.

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From the opening scene, we get tons of insight into the personalities of both Walker and Trinity with a really charming introduction. There are so many layers to this story.

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Interestingly, neither shares who they really are with the other. You can guess how well that goes over. Walker and Trinity are complex, interesting and a bit damaged. What guy does that? Even her chosen profession offers too much opportunity of negative feedback. Part of coming into herself is learning when to discard people who treat her poorly.

The two quickly find they can give each other the love and support each needs but in typical real-life fashion, they have to first deal with issues that threaten to destroy their fresh relationship. The suspense and build up are really sexy.

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I think there are a lot or Trinitys out there and far too few Walkers. That's what love about romance novels is the belief that there is a great partner out there for each of us. James always gives us a happily ending after wringing our emotions dry getting to it! Jun 02, Syndi rated it did not like it. View 2 comments. Aug 02, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: guiltypleasures-angeline. Angeline's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Just What I Needed is a lovely contemporary romance that made my heart happy and my world a better place.