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Thirteen-year-old Emily Poe has been given the opportunity of a lifetime: A chance to attend the exclusive Audyn School in Manhattan. Brought to Kenya from England as a child and then abandoned by her mother, Beryl is raised by both her father and the native Kipsigis tribe, who share his estate. Her unconventional upbringing transforms Beryl into a bold young woman with a fierce love of all things wild and an inherent understanding of nature's delicate balance.

But even the wild child must grow up, and when everything Beryl knows and trusts dissolves, she is catapulted into a string of disastrous relationships. Imprisoned for more than two and a half years, Lale witnesses horrific atrocities and barbarism - but also incredible acts of bravery and compassion. Risking his own life, he uses his position to exchange jewels and money from murdered Jews for food to keep his fellow prisoners alive. One morning while passing through Grand Central Terminal on her way to work, Grace Healey finds an abandoned suitcase tucked beneath a bench. Unable to resist her own curiosity, Grace opens the suitcase, where she discovers a dozen photographs - each of a different woman.

In a moment of impulse, Grace takes the photographs and quickly leaves the station. Grace soon learns the suitcase belonged to a woman named Eleanor Trigg, leader of a network of female secret agents who were deployed out of London during the war.

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Paula McLain was born in Fresno, California in After being abandoned by both parents, she and her two sisters became wards of the California Court System, moving in and out of various foster homes for the next 14 years. She lives with her family in Cleveland. Award-winning narrator Hillary Huber has recorded hundreds of titles spanning many genres. Hillary has a B. Being raised in conservative Connecticut and hippy Hawaii has given her a unique perspective, straddling two very different worlds.

She now splits her time between California and New York. Most of that time is spent in a small 4x4 padded cell. Females were not given any independence in the late 19th century Paris, so her undertaking studies was often looked down on by those males around her. The story a romance story as well as a biopic of an impressive scientific mind.

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It does focus on her studies and the hardships, especially those faced due to her being a female, but the story is strongly linked to the story of Pierre Curie and their burgeoning romance. That is really what the book is about. Much of the internal dialogue is Marie feeling she will lose that love of science, or have to play second fiddle to Pierre, if she falls for him. The story is about reconciling those things. Much like biopic movies there is liberty taken with the story, for the sake of drama and keeping it moving. As it is told in a first person point of view we get reactions and thoughts when we may not actually know what she was thinking although maybe she wrote copious diaries and we do know.

Without knowing her history beyond the basics it's hard to know if the other students are real people and events, or just archetypes to show the sort of reaction and hardship she endured. Are the events and thoughts between Marie and Pierre based on fact or just creations by the author to create drama.

Really it doesn't matter, as you do learn about the time, the relationship and her pursuit of science. I honestly felt it a bit short, although very good. Where it ends is a reasonable place to end, as it is a turning point in her life. But if you don't know about her future after it ends, the work she did, and the recognition she got for it and not just for her work with Pierre then it leaves it off in a strange place that feels unresolved. Basically the big impact of the decision is left off the story, and only there for those who know more about Marie Curies life.

Hillary Huber does great narration. He is engaging and enjoyable to listen to. I do find it a little strange that all the characters are given accents except for the French-Polish Marie Curie herself, who speaks and thinks in an American accent. It might give the impression to some that she is an American in Europe, not a European herself.

The audio is straight forward, beyond Huber's great narration. No sound effects, no music. Just clean, clear, enjoyable performance. I review a lot of small press and indie books - support the small guys and you may find something new you will love]. I guess I expected to learn more about Curies science but instead was told a love story with very little science or discovery.

I loved this short audiobook about the life of young Marie Curie in Paris. Great writing and story.

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Narration was amazing. I was unaware what I was getting when I ordered this book. The narrator has this "girly" delivery which tries to project Marie Curie as a dedicated and focused scientist as well as a lovely young lady falling in love with a fellow scientist. It doesn't work. I expected to learn something about Marie Curie and her life in the world of science. Instead I got a first-person account of her love life. Come on! That's the least interesting thing about one of the most brilliant minds in the history of science.

Completely uninteresting, never engaged. I guess I was hoping for a short, inspirational biography. What I got was some kind of YA romance.

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The story was about her early relationship with him, and not at all about her accomplishments. It was so great I wanted much more! If only it were a full length audiobook. Though I enjoyed this story mostly for the historical value Marie Currie played in our scientific outcomes I found the novel reaching too far in its fictional story of the romance between Madame Currie and her husband. The story narration was good. I misread the description I thought this was going to be a biography of Marie Curie and her work, but it's actually a period romance.

At least it was voice acted pretty well. Your audiobook is waiting….

A Mind of Her Own. By: Paula McLain. Narrated by: Hillary Huber. Length: 1 hr and 15 mins.

Categories: Fiction , Historical. Our favorite moments from A Mind of Her Own. A married woman was property. I stood out, even as I tried to disappear. I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. The novella is one hour and fifteen minutes. Hillary Huber does an excellent job narrating the story. Huber is a voice-over artist and audiobook narrator. She has been a multiple Audie Award finalist. She has won multiple Earphone Awards.

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A Woman with a Mind of her Own

Mar 03, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , audio-books , short-stories. During Marie's youth her home country of Poland was overrun by Russian rule and women were barred from post secondary studies. So France was the dream destination for a woman who was fascinated by the new theories in Science and technology. Paula McLain shows us that Marie was a formidable forward thinking woman who believed that women could be whatever they wanted.

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But nothing prepares her for the pursuit of a young man named Pierre Curie who wants nothing more to work with and capture Marie's heart. Since I am a huge fan of the author, I felt very satisfied with her short story, but it sure made me wonder when her next book will be hitting the bookstores.

View all 6 comments. Mar 18, Chrissie rated it did not like it Shelves: audible , bio , disliked , read , france , hf , love , 2-itunes-library , feminism , free. In a nutshell--don't waste your time on this even if it is free. Look at the title-- A Mind of Her Own. Do you see the so very popular feminist angle being promoted?