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During a second interview, Carol exaggerates her "liberation" in the hopes of getting the article published. The truth about Carol's exaggeration is revealed when the editors visit the Brady home. The family travel to the Grand Canyon for their third annual camping trip.

On the way, they stop at a ghost town for the night. There they are confronted by an old prospector, Zachariah T. Brown Jim Backus who fears they plan to steal his gold, and locks them in an old jail cell.

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The family free themselves but Zachariah has taken their car. Greg volunteers to help his father hunt Zachariah, but Mike says now that he has come of age, he will be responsible to help Carol and Alice when dad is not around, so instead Peter helps. The episode ends with Carol worried that not only may Greg and Peter fail to track the stolen car, they are out on the open road with no help. The family, stranded in the ghost town, seeks help by starting a signal fire. Zachariah Jim Backus returns with Peter, Mike, and the car.

Mike has convinced Zachariah they are not stealing his claim. The family heads to the Grand Canyon. There, they ride mules down into the canyon, and Cindy and Bobby notice a Native American boy. They follow him, but get lost. The others frantically search for Cindy and Bobby. When Bobby and Cindy are lost, the Indian boy reappears. He identifies himself as Jimmy, and says many stereotypes about Native Americans are untrue, such as being unable to speak English.

Jimmy then leads Cindy and Bobby back to the Bradys' campsite. Mike comes to Jimmy's aid; he had run away believing his grandfather Chief Eagle Cloud Jay Silverheels would scoff at his ambition to become an astronaut. Mike convinces him to talk to his grandfather. Greg learns the principle of Caveat Emptor when he gets his driver's license and buys his first car, a Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, from a slick-talking friend.

But all the restoration in the world can't change the fact the car is a lemon. Greg plans on selling the car to a gullible friend, but has a change of heart and sells it for junk instead. The Bradys are hired by a hip director, Skip Farnum Paul Winchell , to star in a television commercial for laundry detergent, due to their unaffected manner. The detergent is not the family's current brand, but a comparison test shows the new detergent as superior so the family agrees to do the commercial. They take advice from acting teacher Myrna Carter Bonnie Boland , but as a result their acting is forced.

Skip is appalled and fires the Bradys, remarking that the acting methods remind him of a "terrible" actress they worked with: Myrna Carter.

How Family Breakfasts Became the New Family Dinner | Time

As compensation the family receives 2, boxes of laundry detergent. Greg becomes a member of the Westdale High School football team. Mike supports the idea, but Carol fears Greg will get hurt. Greg is indeed injured in a scrimmage so he turns to photography. Greg realizes his importance when he snaps a photo of a bad call on the field. Bobby also takes up photography for the subplot. Marcia, president of her school's Davy Jones fan club , hastily promises she can get him to sing at her school's upcoming dance on the strength of Jones' letter saying he would do her a favor.

Marcia scrambles to contact Jones to ask him to appear. After unsuccessful attempts at the local TV station and at his hotel, Marcia's appeal to Davy's manager, who brushes it off a lovesick fan. However, this is overheard by Davy himself. When he realizes he did write that letter promising a favor "if he is ever in her town", he knows he cannot go back on his word. Guest stars : Marcia Wallace as Mrs. The actors who play the receptionist and the audio technician are uncredited. Jan accidentally takes someone else's bicycle and her grades are falling.

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It is learned her eyesight is failing and she needs glasses — which she refuses to wear. She bicycles without her glasses, but crashes her bike destroying the portrait of the kids Mike intended as an anniversary present for Carol. Jan tells the kids the photographer lost the negative and they have to be photographed again for the replacement portrait. Mike realizes it is a new photograph — Jan wears her glasses in the new portrait. Jan says she was not wearing her glasses at the time of her accident and that she sold her bicycle to pay for the replacement portrait.

In the subplot, Carol and Mike are trying to hide anniversary presents from each other. Jan discovers an old photograph of a child that looks just like her.

Llama Llama

Jan is anxious to meet her great-aunt, but changes her attitude on seeing a current photo of Jenny. Jan worries she will resemble the old and eccentric-looking Jenny at that age. Jan's doubt is placated when she meets Aunt Jenny, a fun-loving Auntie Mame -type, and realizes her beauty within. The subplot has the Bradys cleaning junk from the attic and Mike attempting to restore an old record player.

Carol is involved in a minor car accident with Marcia, Bobby, and Cindy as passengers. Carol and Harry Duggan Jackie Coogan , the other driver involved, initially agree to pay for their own damage. Duggan later files a lawsuit against Carol, claiming the accident was due to her reckless driving and that he was injured as a result. Carol goes to court to dispute the exaggerated charges, and wins with a big assist from Mike.

Mike is sent to Hawaii to check on a construction project, and his firm allows him to take the family and Alice along. The family then enjoys a tour of Hawaii before Mike visits the jobsite.

When Bobby joins his father on the tour of the construction project, he stumbles upon an ancient tiki ; which, according to an old Hawaiian legend, brings bad luck to anyone who touches it. The Brady boys laugh at the curse and blow it off as superstition , but then start to think differently when Greg has a surfing accident. The tiki apparently brings continued bad luck to the family: Greg is reeling from his surfing crash, a wall ornament hanging in the boys' hotel room falls and almost hits Bobby, and a tarantula finds its way into their room and nearly bites Peter.

Bobby tries to get rid of the tiki, but it is returned to him by an unknowing Jan. The boys then learn that the idol must be discarded at an ancient burial ground in order for the curse to be removed.

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The reading is a unique interpretation complete with visual gags, bad puns, and a rubber chicken. In the subplot, Alice and Sam Allan Melvin break up, but solve their differences during the talent revue. Jan complains about the lack of privacy and personal space, and declares she wants to become an only child. Her angered siblings teach her a lesson; they grant her wish by ignoring her and staying out of her way.

Meanwhile in the subplot, the family plans a square dance at a Hoedown party, and Alice and Carol compete by making strawberry preserves for the dance. A series of misunderstandings leads Alice to believe she has irreparably breached the Brady kids' trust, prompting her resignation. Alice's temporary replacement is Kay Mary Treen , Alice's friend who had a similar unpleasant experience with another family. Although Kay is very nice, she has no intentions of bonding with the family; instead she does her job. The kids, with help from Kay, track down Alice at a restaurant where she now works and convince her to return.

Greg dates classmate Jennifer Nichols Tannis G. Montgomery , whom Carol and Mike suspect has an ulterior motive: she and Marcia are trying out for head cheerleader, and Greg is on the judging committee. At the tryout, Greg is caught in a dilemma when he must cast the deciding vote; he fears both Jennifer and Marcia will be angered if he does not favor them.

Ultimately he selects Pat Conway Rita Wilson because he thought she was the best cheerleader. To his surprise Marcia is happy; she knows Greg voted honestly. But Jennifer dumps Greg, and he realizes she was using him to win his vote. In the subplot, Carol takes up golf with Mike's help. Peter auditions for the role of George Washington in the school play, but is cast as Benedict Arnold instead. When friends start teasing him as a "traitor", Peter feigns laryngitis to lose the role, but Mike convinces him his behavior in letting everyone down was the same as the real Benedict Arnold.

Peter agrees to be in the play and is praised for his brilliant portrayal of Arnold. Bobby learns about power, discretion, and responsibility when he is named safety monitor at school involuntarily. His classmates avoid him, and when he writes up Cindy for running in the hallway and gets her a detention, she gets mad at him.

Bobby still abuses his power and writes people up for minor infractions, including his older siblings.

Bobby learns his lesson when he breaks the rules himself to save a classmate's cat from an abandoned house. In the subplot other family members restore an old sailboat.

Mike prohibits Greg from driving the family car for a week after Bobby describes his near-accident on the freeway. Greg then borrows a car from his friend George Thompson to buy tickets to a rock concert before they sell out. When Greg's parents call him on it, he states that he was complying with the letter of the punishment, by not driving "the family car". Greg is grounded from leaving home for ten days, except for school. Greg convinces his parents to abolish the punishment on the condition he does everything by "his exact words".