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In Some Girls Bite , Catcher is introduced as a former sorcerer who works in the office of the Chicago supernatural Ombudsman. He is a "gruff" year-old with a shaved head, tattoos, and pale green eyes. In Friday Night Bites , he was kicked out of the Order for unknown reasons connected to his desire to stay in Chicago.

Although this relationship is strained to the breaking point due to the events of "Drink Deep" and "Biting Cold", it is showing signs of recovering. Jeff, introduced in Some Girls Bite is a tall, lanky, mop-topped, year-old computer prodigy and shapeshifter of unknown shape.

He is an employee of Chicago's supernatural Ombudsman. Becomes involved with Fallon Keene in Twice Bitten , though he still lightheartedly flirts with Merit relentlessly. It is later revealed that Jeff Christopher is a large white tiger, proving that looks can definitely be deceiving. Chuck, Merit's Grandfather, is introduced in Some Girls Bite as a former cop and, much to Merits surprise, is currently Chicago's Ombudsman—-a liaison who links the human and supernatural worlds—for the city of Chicago.

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Joshua is Merit's father, and is introduced in Some Girls Bite. He is tall and lean with chestnut hair and blue eyes. He is the CEO of Merit Properties, a real estate development company that manages high rises and apartment complexes throughout Chicago. He is a powerful and manipulative member of the Chicago Growth Council. Merit's father seems to have his own interests in the supernatural world, and is not above utilizing his own daughter to satisfy his desires.

His relationship with Merit is strained. He offered to pay Ethan Sullivan to make Merit a vampire, but was denied. After Merit found out about this their relationship became even more strained. However, it is shown in rare moments that he does care for his daughter. Meredith is Merit's mother, and is introduced in Some Girls Bite.

A woman of propriety, she has blonde, well-coiffed hair and is always dressed perfectly. Merit's sister, Charlotte, is introduced in Friday Night Bites. She is married to Major Corkburger. They have a baby, Olivia, and an older daughter Mary Katherine. While connected to the family's business and money, Charlotte is not terribly close to Merit; however, the sisters do foster a mutual annoyance with their older brother, Robert. Robert, Merit's older brother, is referenced in Some Girls Bite and Friday Night Bites and is being groomed to take over the family business. Merit's father reveals that he wants Merit to assist Robert in making connections to Chicago's supernatural communities.

Lindsey is introduced in Some Girls Bite as a Cadogan house vampire. Lindsey has been in the House for years and is the resident psychic. She is a blonde known for her stilettos and designer jeans. Originally from Iowa , she is an avid Yankees fan who maintains a rather confused relationship with Luc in Books 1 and 2 and finally begins dating him in Hard Bitten, having been brought together by grief.

She becomes close friends with Merit from the beginning, and they grow close working together in the guard. He is a rule-bound dutiful Guard who is respected and trusted by Ethan. Luc is secretly interested in Lindsey, a fellow guard. He is approximately six feet tall, with a thin build and brown hair just past his shoulders.


He has been in Cadogan for 38 years and is known for his "contacts. Kelley is a year-old, dark-haired Cadogan Guard known for her mechanical and software genius. She is introduced in Some Girls Bite. Malik serves as Cadogan House Second. He has been a member of the House since Said to have "a shaved head and clear green eyes.

The family owns a manufacturing company and, like the Merits, belong to Chicago's high society. They turn out to be shapeshifters. A angel. While currently serving his second term, he founded the Ombudsman's office and has a particular interest in the political power of the vampire community. In "Hard Bitten", it is discovered that he is pushing drugs to rogue vampires, causing them to lose control and is also aiding Celina in her attempts to destroy Merit and Cadogan House. Arrested and imprisoned, he is freed by the prejudiced new mayor in "Biting Cold", where it is revealed that he is a "messenger of peace" or an angel, possessed by his twin brother, Domanic, who is a rogue "messenger of justice" or demon.

She is currently the Master of her own house in San Diego. During her time at Cadogan, she was believed to have been involved with Ethan. When she returns, she tried to break Ethan and Merit up by stating that Merit is cheating on Ethan. Jonah is member of Grey House and the Red Guard. When Merit was offered a place with the Red Guard, Jonah was to be her partner. He falls for Merit but keeps his distance when Ethan comes back.

He and Merit share a platonic relationship. He had crossed paths with Merit once before when she was human as her sister's boyfriend, although Merit doesn't remember him from then and he takes it personally this was one of the reasons he doesn't like her in the beginning.

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She is attacked on campus late at night on her way back from the library and turned vampire by Ethan Sullivan in order to save her life. She is given an invitation to join Cadogan House and about one week to decide her allegiances before the House's Commendation ceremony. As Merit attempts to adjust and understand the attack on her life, she learns that her grandfather works as a liaison in the Mayor's Ombudsman's office for the supernaturals of the city. While coping with her new "vampire-ness," its thirst, and its required training, Merit must also decide where her new allegiances lie and who she can trust.

English Graduate student no more, Merit must make a quick adjustment to her new existence—both her life and the lives of those around her depend on it. Friday Night Bites takes place about two weeks after the conclusion of Some Girls Bite ; Merit is making plans to move into the Cadogan house, and the vampire community itself has gained a certain level of celebrity.

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There is word the shifter pack leader Gabriel Keene intends to hold a shapeshifters conference in Chicago, and there are also rumors that the Chicago World Weekly , and Jamie Breckenridge in particular, is taking a particular interest in the underground vampire raves flash mobs of sorts that meet and mass feed. In order to quell any unsavory press and understand Jamie's motive, Ethan asks Merit to return to her family and their high society connections.

As Merit and Ethan hobnob with Chicago's high society, a boyfriend from Merit's past brings new trouble for the vampire community. Merit's allegiances, strength, and willpower continue to be tested as human-supernatural relationship become increasingly tense and tenuous. Twice Bitten starts where Friday Night Bites leaves off. Merit is adjusting to finally completing the change.

Her attraction to Ethan Sullivan is being put towards the back of her mind. She is concentrating on much more important things such as protecting Gabriel Keene, the shifter's pack leader. Merit has a big secret in which she is keeping from everyone. A secret society of vampires is attempting to recruit Merit. They think she could potentially be a big help.

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One night Merit and Ethan go on a mission to help bring the shape shifters to Chicago. It is at a bar. The leaders from all four shape shifter divisions are in attendance. At some point the bar is under the attack of gunfire. Merit, as Sentinel, is supposed to be protecting the House ruler Sullivan.

In reality, Sullivan is the one to jump onto Merit and protect her from the gunfire. During the attack, Merit notices the cook is about to walk into the gunfire.